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Guest Blog: The Safe Flying Protocol (SFP): The Best & Smartest Way To Restart Travel

By Timothy O’Neil-Dunne, 777 Companions and Henry Harteveldt, Environment Study Team Unparalleled. Incredible. Incomprehensible. Ultra-Intricate....

By Timothy O’Neil-Dunne, 777 Companions and Henry Harteveldt, Environment Study Team

Unparalleled. Incredible. Incomprehensible. Ultra-Intricate. Unrivalled. Sobering. We have exhausted the superlatives when it will come to describing, Covid-19, and its affect on the international journey business.

So, what does the journey business require? In short, a in depth, pragmatic, multi-layered, and adaptable wellbeing screening programme optimised for travellers and journey business staff, specially airport and airline staff members and airline passengers. Leaving the probability of a “spreader” on a flight is unacceptable. Hence, the SFP is a in depth program is created to develop a safe wellbeing ring around the air transportation program and eradicate the chance of a individual with Covid from coming into an airport – allow on your own an plane – and potentially chance infecting many others. What we require is to get powering a prevalent established of ideas and construct momentum from there.


The financial devastation to the business stemming from the virus has dwarfed everything seen in earlier financial downturns like just after nine/11/2001. While business trade teams have proposed suggestions none are in depth plenty of, ignoring that travellers use several journey companies in the system of a journey. At travel’s coronary heart sits the air transportation program. It drives most international journey and sizeable quantities of medium- and prolonged-haul domestic or regional journey. Now it is down ninety two%. Organization journey is also down by a equivalent quantity.

The business faces 3 troubles it should take obligation for:

  • A) Ensuring the basic safety of its passengers and staff.
  • B) Ensuring the affect of its functions is not detrimental on the communities it seeks to provide.
  • C) Working at positive financial amount.

There is only one particular way for the air transportation business to realize these aims: Producing a globally-acknowledged Harmless Flying Protocol (SFP).  This is not a trivial training. Having consensus in the short term will be unachievable. Setting a design by way of illustrations of Green Lanes (or Bubbles, Corridors, Bridges and many others.) is realistic and achievable. But we require velocity and adoption.

An Overview Of The “Safe Flying Protocol”

The Harmless Flying Protocol is straight ahead. It consist of several aspects. The crucial types involve:

  • Overall health state level for each and every journey stage (A website traffic light-weight or level program)
  • Travel bridges, corridors and bubbles for agreed inter-nation arrangements
  • Identification and level-environment of anyone coming into the air transportation program
  • A “ring fence” for outbound, inbound, and connecting travellers and airline/airport staff members
  • A verifiable tests programme for travellers
  • Overall health passports relying on the wellbeing stage of the origin neighborhood and airport

SFP can be easily applied as existing features of safety and wellbeing exist. But they require to be enhanced and up-to-date for Covid-19.

The Overall health Condition

SFP recommends the common, intuitive “traffic light” tiers of Green, Yellow, and Pink to establish a person’s ability to get the job done at the airport and, in for crew and passengers, to journey. Briefly:

  • Green: A individual has no detectable trace of the virus and can establish he or she has been vaccinated in the suitable time rules. Individuals with Green position will be authorized to get the job done at the airport and, for crew and passengers, board the plane.
  • Yellow: A individual who has not detectable trace of the virus but calls for a Covid check to ensure their wellbeing position.
  • Pink: A individual who demonstrates detectable traces of the virus, refuses to be analyzed, and refuses to be vaccinated. 

Notice: From
a realistic and expedient place of see Degree 2 will possible be split into 2.
Yellow and Orange. This is what has been currently applied somewhere else but is
constantly subjective. The ideal of self-resolve of the site continues to be.
Hence, any nation can (as they do today) arbitrarily establish that the challenges
to their inbound activity can be changed and obligatory tests and if necessary
degrees of quarantine as it so determines.

The SFP will present a consistent protocol to use at any airport. It will allow the growth of interim journey “bridges” and “bubbles” till public wellbeing authorities deem Covid no extended poses a threat to public wellbeing in their unique jurisdiction. Its function is to construct a “ring fence” for all airport and airline staff and all passenger outbound, inbound, and connecting crew and passengers. The SFP’s part will involve:

  • A scaled and easily comprehensible “health state website traffic lights” at the start off, conclude, and intermediary stops of the journey in all directions.
  • Certifiable clear airports.
  • Identification and level-environment of anyone coming into the air transportation program.
  • Mandatory get hold of tracing for all airline and airport staff and passengers.
  • A tested certification programme for individuals to be exempt (both tested immune or use of a verifiable, authorised vaccine). In this will be tests prior to arrival at the airport for passengers, crew and airport staff.

The SFP’s levels are meant to present full verifiable defense of the air transportation program on a authentic-time, dynamic foundation. Its objective is to make certain passengers’ and airport and airline workers’ basic safety. At its core is a passenger who requirements a Overall health Passport, a portable resource these types of as cellular app resource created with the air transportation business at its core, which will seize an individual’s suitable wellbeing info as it relates to air journey. Critically, the SFP is created so that any airport, wherever, can develop a harmless “in,” “out” and “transit” (connecting) ecosystem. This is a crucial element to ensuring each and every airport (or section thereof), at the time certified, is a harmless node the two for its regional neighborhood and in the greater air transportation community.

Examination Of The Harmless Flying Protocol

The Harmless Flying Protocol has 6 foundational prerequisites. It should:

  1. Be safe.
  2. Include common, consistent, and obligatory identification and tests for all airline and airport staff, and for each and every traveller.
  3. Be cost-helpful.
  4. Be continuous and long-lasting.
  5. Include agile and active management.
  6. Contain small disruption to an airport’s working day-to-working day functions, infrastructure, management, and spending plan.

At The Airport

The airport working experience will be substantially diverse.

To minimise wait times and the space necessary for a waiting area, it will be crucial to use virus assessments that can create final results in thirty-45 minutes. Though waiting for their check final results, folks will be sequestered in a safe waiting area. This signifies a obstacle but is realistic and achievable in most airport situations. The moment far better speedier tests is created offered then that can lessen this time and complexity.

On the plane

For the financial viability of the airline business, the number of passengers on a flight should be as full as achievable. The “as possible” signifies that if the passengers, crew and plane can be assumed to be harmless then standard use of the plane as an financial asset should be the norm.

The moment
vaccines and mitigating therapies are created, and there will be quite a few, the
Harmless Flying Protocol should figure out that diverse standards can emerge and
will apply. Once more, the ideal of self-resolve will apply and a nation can
pick out to settle for or not the vaccine of the remote nation as staying sufficient
to allow bypassing the full safety protocols.

At the
coronary heart of SFP is the ability to have the Air Transportation System be harmless for
passengers, crews and their communities. Permitting only harmless “Green”
passengers, stops the unfold of the ailment and will be a key boost to international
trade. We can’t pay for not to do it. Having begun on a realistic check in a
verifiable sandbox is an urgent necessary initial stage.


HENRY HARTEVELDT, Founder, Environment Study Team: Travel business and purchaser analyst, researcher and co-founder of Environment Study Team, Henry Harteveldt is a journey business believed leader, and firms of each and every stripe know that briefing him on the most up-to-date product or service or trend and obtaining his comments is a obligatory item on their to-do lists.  

TIMOTHY O’NEIL-DUNNE, Principal, 777 Companions: O’Neil-Dunne is an business veteran with deep roots across the business spectrum from advert agency to retail, GDS and airlines. He is a repeated contributor to WIT and has been current at each and every WIT World event. He holds several patents in the airline and journey house. Now he is section of 777 Companions a diversified keeping corporation primarily based in Miami.

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